The Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominations)

The committee on lay leadership will begin their work for the fall. As approved during last year’s Charge Conference, the church will be transitioning from the traditional administrative model of governance (SPRC, Trustees, Finance, and Leadership Council) to a simplified model (an alternate structure as outlined by the UM Discipline). This transition means that many of our administrative committees listed above (SPRC, trustees, leadership council, and finance) will be reduced in number and combined to assist in more adaptive church governance. This process does not remove ministry chairpersons and task-oriented structures. If you have questions about this process, they will be answered in our initial meeting. If you feel uncomfortable meeting in person at the current time, please let me know and a link will be made available for you to participate.

To simplify what I stated earlier, it means that the church will function administratively with one committee of 15 persons and pastor as opposed to four separate committees of various sizes. This transition will be approved at a church conference (instead of a charge conference) on Sunday, November 14th, at 4:00 p.m.