Give to SFUMC

Giving is an essential part of our Christian discipleship. It demonstrated an understanding that all that we have was God's in the beginning. Through giving, we bless others around the church, the community, and the world. 

If you are a member of SFUMC, part of your membership vows included an affirmation that you would support the church through your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service, and your witness. It is our hope and expectation that if you are a regular worshiper at SFUMC, that you will support it in those ways as we seek to make a difference for God's kingdom.

You can click the either of the links to be taken to the donor panel. The "Make a Donation" button takes you to the e-giving user panel. It's great for existing e-givers to manage their donations. The "My Online Donation" tool is great for one-time gifts but can also be used to set up recurring giving.

**Please note that American Express levies a much higher fee per transaction. While payments are appreciated and accepted in any form, if you have another available option, please use another card or a bank transaction to maximize your gift.