Grace Teams


Grace Teams are a new ministry we are beginning at First UMC -- We are all called to be channels or dispensers of God’s grace; to that end, we are developing Grace Teams.


We believe ministry is best accomplished in teams of people with diverse gifts and abilities who are bound together with common purpose. There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit who is the source of them all. There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord who works in all of us and through all of us. With this biblical truth in mind, all active members of our church will serve on one of eight Grace Teams.


A Grace Team will meet every Sunday night except for fifth Sundays; meaning each Grace Team will meet once every two months. The ministry focus will be three-fold – prayer, care and share. The goal is to connect people to God through prayer; and to the church and Kingdom of God through care and share. Specific duties will be intercessory prayer, writing and mailing encouragement cards, phone calls, visiting church members and prospects, etc. No one will be asked to do something they don’t want to do, but everyone can do something. Teams will meet at 4:00 p.m. for about one hour.


Involvement in the Grace Team Ministry will provide an opportunity for service that expresses our worship and gratitude to the God who saved us and the Christ who died for us.


Grace Teams will meet at 8:00 a.m. for Prayer Time and 4:00 p.m. for Outreach

Grace Team Alpha --

Robert and Cristen Barnard (Robert - Chairman)

Bob and Judy Smith (Bob - Vice-Chairman)

David and Mary Ann Burkhead

Bubba, Heidi, and Colton Terrell

George and Martha Rone

Matt and India Hale

Jennifer and Lauren Aker

Robbie Sissell

Bonnie Lovdahl

Glenda Rhodes

Phillip Frazier

Lee Bourland


Grace Team Beta --

Doug and Jill McClure

Derek and Kristen Prince

Benjie and Melody Carter

Shelton and Donna Ingram

Jerry and Angie Swanger

Johnny and Janet Clark

Angel, Madison and Anna Nickens

Marie Coleman

Inez McMichael

Susan Baker



Grace Team Gamma --

Melvin and Mary Claire McClure

Terry and Gay Bell

Brian and Sara Whitten Atwood

Stan Holcombe

Don and Bobbi Eure

Jack and Kellie Feigler

Ginny O'Bryant

Mike Kroush

Linda Kroush

Kelly Crabtree

Tom and Jane Murphy

Jimmy and Faye Dorr

Lee and Lindsey Hogan

Lee and Stacey Pinkston 


Grace Team Delta --

Durward Brewer

Lucile Troutt

Wanda Clements

Ken Stroupe

Mary Oswalt

Marvin and Gay Lishman

Cliff and Robin Johnston

Erik and Brianne St. John

Keith and Tammy Godbold

Elwin and Mary Ann Walker

Terry and Clarann Spence

Mike and Jeannie Sprayberry

Larry and Bridgett Cahill and Avery McIver

Mike and Susan Harthcock


Grace Team Epsilon --

Tabitha Brown

Candy Shipp

Susan Dicken

Ricky Howe

Vicki Ferguson

Susan Rippee

George and Betty Cossar

Pat and Jennifer Ludlum

Dan and Anna Clark

Les and Margaret Dicken

Dennis and Peggy Williams

Charles and Beth Vail

Elmer and Billie Massey

Lindsey and Cynthia Todd


Grace Team Zeta --

 Melanie Edwards

Jennifer Hendrix

Len Durr

Marilynne Burnside

Virginia Woolfolk

Sheila Vancil

Kathryn Gabbert

Jo Bost

Boyce Lamb

Jerry and Ellen Clark

Alan and Emily Walker

Tim and Brenda Sexton

Frank and Signy Givens

Turner and Beth Hughey

Russell and Kay Sowell

Milton and Gale Cushman


Grace Team Eta -- Next meeting, November 15

Beth Dickerson

Tina Edwards

Rhonda Mitrik

Charlee Roll

Harry Hood

Rob Hoff

Chris and Jamie Hogg

Eric and Jessica McAlexander

Bill and Linda Battle

Ken and Gail Dossett

Mike and Jill Ferguson

Craig and Calvert Shideler

Terry and Aletta Stull

Keith and Melissa Vancil


Grace Team Theta  -- Next meeting,November 22

Marcia Kidder

Carrie Maples

Donna Norris

Karen VanSickle

Matt Sellers

Teresa Roberson

Abi Roberson

Sara Ann Henley

Carter and Paige Norris

Cliff and Nicole O'Conner

Spence and Jenny Shutt

Les and Sonia Young

Horace and Linda Hankins

Larry and Gwen Hogan




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